Policies 2015

Congratulations on choosing to take private lessons to enhance your skills as a musician. In order to gain the most benefit from your lessons, you are required to abide by the following policies:

Lesson Day

Come ready to grow as a musician!

Arrive a few minutes early to lessons.

Arrive having played your instrument that day, if possible.


Bring the following items to each lesson:


*Slide/Valve Lubrication

*Assigned Music/Method Books

*Pocket Notebook


You are expected to obtain new materials in a timely manner. Pocket Notebooks must be purchased from your teacher. Your teacher may have a limited supply of other materials for sale, but this is not guaranteed.

If you do not have the required materials, your teacher may immediately end the lesson.


Daily practice is vital to consistent progress and growth as a musician. You are expected to practice at least thirty minutes a day for five days of the week. Your teacher will stop any lesson if you do not display adequate preparation.


Every week you will be expected to listen to and report on at least ten minutes of recordings containing significant material related to your instrument.


To maintain a productive lesson environment, please observe the following guidelines:

*No hats, sunglasses, or other distracting clothing

*Cell phones should be set to vibrate and should not be answered unless absolutely necessary


Lessons will not occur on certain holidays – TBD

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